What can YOU do?

Keep off sand dunes - these are highly sensitive areas and provide critical habitat for nesting turtles.

Dispose of plastics and unwanted fishing gear responsibly.

Avoid shining bright lights on the beach at night during turtle nesting season between November and April. For residents who live adjacent to beaches, consider switching off unnecessary lights and close your curtains and blinds from 7:30 PM.

When operating vessels, reduce speeds in estuaries, sandy straights and shallow inshore areas, and adhere to go slow areas for turtles and dugong.

Join a local TurtleCare goup. They provide community members with the opportunity to participate in hands-on conservation and restoration activities.

Loggerhead turtle nest on the path to the swimming beach. Rainbow Beach 2020. Phot courtesy of Cooloola Coastcare's TurtleCare program.
Turtle VolunteersCooloola Coastcare

Green turtle hatchling.

Inskip Point, 2019

Hatchlings on the move

Rainbow Beach 2020
Loggerhead hatchlings

Rainbow Beach 2020